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Introduction to Star Pirates

Fast, Furious, Play

Star Pirates is a fast and furious browser-based online game. Designed by Snakehead Games Inc., the game has attracted a wide array of players, as well as a good bit of positive press. Registration is fast and free, and the game can be played without ever paying a cent -- however points, Notorious status, and other advantages can be purchased via a credit card or via your PayPal account or with cash via the pay-by-cash option.

Game advancement is possible via many avenues. By researching new levels of technology one can improve their base statistics. Items can be found or bought to upgrade you even further. New ships can be purchased to increase your hit points and allow for more research and installation slots. If you wish, you can join one of the fleets, and participate in fleet wars. There is also an in-game stock market.

Game play is quick and easy, letting you choose your own path. Log in once in a while and do just a couple of things, or play all day. The choice is yours!

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